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University of Bayreuth
„The University of Bayreuth – The Gamechanger Campus" is a dynamic campus university with around 13,000 Bachelor, Master and PhD students and an outstanding student-to-staff ratio. In addition to its interdisciplinary research focus and excellence in teaching, the University of Bayreuth has a clear vision of social responsibility and entrepreneurship.
The University has a close network of strategically selected, international research partners and also maintains strategic partnerships with universities in the US. A wide range of innovative programmes and its international summer schools are conducted in English.
Focus areas in research are Nonlinear Dynamics, Polymer and Colloid Science, Molecular Biosciences, Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Advanced Materials, African Studies, High Pressure and High Temperature Research, Cultural Encounters and Transcultural Processes, Innovation and Consumer Protection, Food and Health Sciences, Energy Research and Energy Technology and Governance and Responsibility as well as Artificial Intelligence Science.

EHEF participation

Tokyo Kyoto

Languages spoken at EHEF booth

English German Japanese

Languages of instruction

English German

Types of programmes offered

Bachelors Masters PhD dual degree summer programmes language training

Subjects offered

humanities-social sciences language_literature business-management MBA law media-communication natural_science engineering computer_science

Tuition fees

The University of Bayreuth does not charge tuition fees from there students. The only contribution that has to be made is the semester fee, which is composed of the contribution towards the student services and the semester ticket in order to use public transportation within Bayreuth. This fee has to be paid by every student.

Scholarships offered

One of the largest scholarship databases is provided by the DAAD.
The International Office of the University also offers international students the opportunity to apply for a study grant:
However, this is only possible for outstanding students in higher semesters and therefore no financing is available, which can be claimed at the beginning of the studies.



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