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Max Planck Schools
Be part of the Max Planck Schools and explore your Passion For Science with our excellent and fully funded PhD programs! We are looking for highly talented applicants with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from all over the world, aiming to further develop their research skills and network in one of the most innovative graduate programs. In Germany, the best researchers in a specific field are often working at different universities and non-university research organizations spread throughout the country. The Max Planck Schools serve as hubs gathering this distributed knowledge. Here, the brightest minds in their respective fields have come together from within the scientific community to interconnect in faculties. The Max Planck Schools believe in creating an environment where students, faculty, and staff may live and work productively together, making use of the rich resources of the Max Planck Schools and their diverse network of partners, in the individual and collective pursuit of academic excellence and personal development. Currently, there are three Max Planck Schools in the fields of Cognition, Matter to Life, and Photonics.

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Languages of instruction


Types of programmes offered

Masters PhD

Subjects offered

humanities-social sciences natural_science

Tuition fees

The Max Planck Schools do not charge tuition fees to their students.

Scholarships offered

Admission to a Max Planck School comes with funding for up to five years. This funding allows our candidates to focus entirely on their scientific work and ensures that the Max Planck Schools can attract the best candidates from around the world. During the first program phase (usually with a Bachelor’s degree), students receive an attractive scholarship and, if applicable, a subsidy for health insurance and material costs. With the successful completion of the first phase and a contract according to the local Wage Agreement for Public Service (TVöD/TV-L, E 13) in the second phase.



Administrative Headquarters of the Max Planck Society
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Matthias Bolz